What is Lottery Tradex Exchange? What are the features?

✅ For the trading of tokens on the Lottery Exchange, only UsdL indexed to the US Dollar, which is the stable coin of the Lottery coin, can be used.
✅ There will be absolutely no futures and margin transactions...
✅ There will be very low Buy / Sell fee deductions... (There will be lower transaction fees than all current Crypto Exchanges)
✅ In total, 100 coins/tokens will be listed within the exchange and absolutely no external coin/token listing will be made outside of it...With this feature, the opportunity for anyone to produce coins or tokens and manipulate or defraud the market will be restricted in this way. In addition, since the volume is limited to only 100 coins/token, the volumes will not be distributed in any way.
✅ The LotteryScan Platform will be established and unlike platforms like Bsc, ethscan, etc., not everyone will be able to create and list token coins. Only those who can fulfill our conditions and the security of the investors will be allowed to do so. We will have strict rules about this.
✅ Sudden big drops will be prevented and this will be a big step against the scams of other exchanges and together we will start a new crypto revolution...
✅ There will be no pre-sale of coins/tokens that will be created and listed. They will not be allowed to hold any coins and will not be allowed to increase the supply. If the supply is 100 million, it will be limited to 100 million and all 100 million will be in circulation.
✅ Each coin/token will consist of 100 million units in total and will be limited to 100 million units...
✅ All 100 coins/tokens will be available only in #Lottery and Lottery UsdL stablecoin pairs... No other pairs will be opened (no other stablecoins like usdt busd, only our own stablecoin will be available)
✅ Whales will definitely not be allowed and special measures will be taken for this...so a single person will not be able to manipulate the coin/token price and manipulate the coin/token as they wish... In addition, he will not be able to raise the coin with the power he gets from his mass on his social media account and flood the people with goods or spread fud news and lower the coin in any way. Extra safeguards will be put in place for such actions and investors will be protected.
✅ Coins/tokens will be completely independent of bitcoin and will not be affected...whether bitcoin is up or down...other exchanges will not be allowed to manipulate other coins and the entire market by falsely lowering btc when it is falling.
✅ The rise or fall of coins/tokens will be completely natural and prices will rise or fall only according to their Buy / Sell dominance...other than that, manipulation, whales or fudders will never be allowed to direct the coin.
✅ There will be constant raffles and lotteries within the stock exchange.
✅ Volume competitions will be held... Platforms such as coinmarketcap, Coingecko, pancekswap etc. will never be used. Such platforms allow anyone to create and list coin tokens, such platforms cause damage to both the blocchain system and investors. Therefore, investors are especially warned not to trust the coins listed on such platforms. Such systems are purely for the purpose of misleading and defrauding people.
✅ The coins that will be listed on our exchange will not be delisted, we will not delist and victimized investors. Investors' money will never be allowed to stay inside.
✅ Coin holders will not have any coins and all of them will be listed as circulated on our exchange. This means that a coin owner will not be able to sell their coins to investors and abandon the project. Support will be given to the coin owner to continue the project. If there is a situation such as not being able to continue, steps will be taken to continue it by purchasing shares completely by us and to prevent investors from being victimized.
✅ Investors' investments will be secured by the contracted banks and investors' money will never be used for our own labor as other exchanges do. In this way we will secure people's investments
✅ Our reserves will not be exchanged for our own stablecoins or our own coins. other exchanges do this. this is a very risky logic. The reason is that a coin rises or falls according to the pressure of buying or selling. It is dangerous to show their own reserves of their own coins or any other coins today because while the price of A coin they show today is 40 dollars, there is a possibility of 1 dollar tomorrow. If there is that possibility, in case the stock market fails, it will cause that reserve to go to waste and cannot be used. That's why our reserves will be kept directly in banks outside of virtual currencies.
✅ Our Lottery Exchange will continuously add new features and serve in accordance with the blocchain system and will take security and development measures against those who abuse this system. Our exchange will be continuously improved in this way.
✅ Have you ever bought shares with cryptocurrency? Now you can. It combines stocks and cryptocurrencies and with this feature you will be able to buy stocks with cryptocurrencies and buy and sell cryptocurrencies with stocks. You will be able to transfer your stocks, move and store your stocks in your crypto wallets. This feature will be available for all global stock trading. We are bringing a new trading service to the crypto world with this excellent feature.
Most of them are numerical and available as a few additions to your previous translation.